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Amazing Naltar

Lakes with unique colors, a mix landscape of rocks and pastures and amazing hospitable people are a distinct feature of Naltar. A skiing resort puts this place at the top attractions in North Pakistan.

The Passu Cones

The Passu Cones or Passu Cathedral is to the north of Gulmit and one of the famous attractions on KKH (Karakoram Highway) leading towards Pakistan China border, Khunjerab. Borith Lake, Passu Glacier & Hussaini Bridge are a few of the go to places nearby.

Stunning Attabad Lake

It is hard to believe that a tragedy can create something so beautiful and stunning as Attabad Lake. This lake was created in 2010 after a massive landslide destroyed several villages and blocked the path of Hunza River.

Kalash Valley

Smallest ethnic minority of Pakistan yet so famous for their culture, traditions and festivals that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Princess Kate visited the valley in Oct 2019. Chilam Joshi, Choimus and Uchal are the three distinct festivals of Kalash culture.

The Savage Mountain

Summit of K2 is the dream of every climber in the world. Every year countless expeditions attempt to reach the top but so far only 367 people have succeeded while this number is above 4000 for Mount Everest. To learn more about savageness of K2 click here

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World's Highest Border Crossing

World’s Highest Border Crossing

Warmth of Friendship beats the Chill at 4,693m (15,397ft) The happy soldiers in this picture are actually the soldiers posted at Khunjerab Pass, the border crossing between Pakistan and China, which is the world’s highest paved international border crossing. The love between the two nations go deep and the warmth of friendship can be felt

Beauty born of Adversity - The Attabad Lake

The Beauty born of Adversity – Attabad Lake

The Adversity The story of “The beauty born of adversity” begins in the year 2010, on a cold and eventful afternoon of January 4. Around 2pm PST, a face of the mountain, just south of Gulmit, towering above Hunza river broke off and fell. The scale of this landslide was so massive that it shook

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